What’s With RGB Lighting In Everything?

What’s With RGB Lighting In Everything?

Technology is always evolving. Being in IT I know and expect this. When I first got into computers I focused mainly on the hardware side of things. I always wanted to hear about the latest and greatest CPU, motherboard, or graphics card. And I would dream about one day my “dream PC” with all the best hardware in it. I often reasoned that a system needed far better hardware then what it needed. and was quick to want to upgrade “to the latest and greatest” hardware as soon as I could.

I bought a massive case and filled it with a dozen or so of LED fans. Got a higher-end motherboard with the latest (although not quite the greatest) i7 CPU that was available at the time.

However, my love for computers has become more mature over time. And as I’ve gone though college, monitory restrictions and the adaptation of Linux has taught me that hardware isn’t everything. I have been using the same machine that I built in high school and couldn’t be happier. I call it “Old Betsy”. While my friends who have just started building their first gaming desktops are installing GTX 1070s and 1080s in them. I’m perfectly happy rolling with my GTX 650TI.

I’ve only done slight upgrades to hardware and that was only to replace it after (or right before) it broke. About a year ago my OCZ branded power supply started making a winding sound. This concerned me both because of the noise it was making and the fact that it was a OCZ power supply. Frankly I was lucky it lasted as long as it did. I replaced it with a nice, shiny Seasonic supply (which I still maintain is one of the best power supply manufactures in the world). When my Cooler Master CPU fans died, I replaced those with some nice Noctua fans. When my Battlefield 3 Edition Black Widow Ultimate keyboard died I replaced it with the more conservative Ducky Zero keyboard.

You see? I’ve gone from the whole gilts and glammer of the gaming hardware/peripherals to products that aim at being reliable. I was not impressed by the gaming market, that much is clear. And I couldn’t be happier.

In car culture, people who put a bunch of non-functional body modifications on their car known as a “ricer”. This is not an ethic slur as I will now explain. The term “rice” is actually an acronym (Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements). Therefore the person who owns the car is a ricer. Getting back to the topic at hand; the RGB lighting, crazy unnecessary heatsincs, and other cosmetic design choices have no actual impact on performance. They are purely by definition, cosmetic “enhancements”. While I understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I don’t have any problem with a computer looking nice. That should not be it’s primary function. If a car looks “nice” but can’t go anywhere without scraping it’s oil pan against the ground it’s not much of a car now is it?

When I see the new hardware that’s available today (power supplies reporting their own voltage outputs, RGB colored fans with their own propriety software, etc.) I just shake my head. These have far more fluff then I would care to see. I can’t imagine these machines living for very long. And frankly I think some of this stuff is just a distraction (really? The PSU is going to tell you your voltages though it’s own software, I can’t see any reason for that to lie). I think that when people are new to things they tend to be a lot more rambunctious, while the more experienced tend to sit there in the shadows and watch. Maybe I’ve been watching too many movies, but that is what I see from my perceptive.

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