Splunk Refuses Russian Code Review

Splunk Refuses Russian Code Review

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Before we dive into the recent news let me first give you a bit of context of the situation: In January of 2018, Russia requested a code review from many American cybersecurity companies including: Symantec, McAfee, HPE, Micro Focus, SAP, Trend Micro, and Splunk.

On Tuesday this week, Splunk declined Russia’s request to view their source code and have since halted future sales of their products until future notice (current contracts held with Russian-based companies will be honored until the contract expires). More information about this decision can be read here.

To add to the drama, Splunk made a statement on the decision which didn’t seem to give any insight as to why the company choose to make this decision. After all, Splunk is an international company, their decision to cut out Russian customers could not have been taken lightly by company executives. Splunk must have some serious concerns regarding a Russian code review.

Adding fuel to the fire, back in 2018, Splunk bought out Russian-owned Phantom Cyber Corporation. So it will be interesting to see what results from this purchase not only from a product innovation perspective but an international relationship perspective.

Splunk was not the only one denying a Russian code review. After Splunk’s decision Trend Micro denied the request. As did Symantec and McAfee (after initially accepting the code review). As speculation swirls, we may get more information as to what exactly Splunk meant in their mysterious statement and what the company plans to do in the future. As of now, much of this is largely left to speculation.

What do you think? Is Splunk afraid that people might leak their proprietary code? Do they fear that their code will be revised engineered and exploited by the Russians? Or is the decision largely politically-driven? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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