All About OpenVAS

All About OpenVAS

Hello again everyone,

Now you may not like the idea of using vulnerability scanners or other hack tools. However, OpenVAS is VERY powerful tool to anyone who is running nearly any type of server and wants to make sure that it is protected.

Now you might be thinking that as long as you keep your machines up-to-date you should be fine. But that is not entirely true. While updates are an important part of protecting your systems misconfiguration is another important step. Enabling root login over SSH and putting it out on the Internet on the default port is never a good idea. No matter how up to date your SSH server package is.

Enter OpenVAS and all of it’s glory! OpenVAS scans your network and discovers vulnerabilities in your systems and gives you a report in a simple, easy-to-use web interface. You can view the report and OpenVAS will tell you EXACTLY what you need to fix, why, where, and weather it simply requires a package update, or something else like a configuration change. This package comes preinstalled on Kali Linux however I have seen a package on it available in the Debian repositories (although I can’t speak for how up to date it is).

There is a live demo available on the OpenVAS website.

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