NoScript For Firefox

NoScript For Firefox

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This week I’d like to talk about the NoScript addon which is available for Mozilla Firefox.

I’ve been using NoScript for a few weeks and while I find it annoying sometimes. I do find it really nice that I am able to block things like Google Analytics and other similar scripts like that. If I don’t want a script to run on my computer. I don’t run it. Scripts only run if I tell them to run.

There is also a few really nice features such as the ability to temporarily allow a certain script to run. Which is handy if you need to use something on a single website, but don’t want to have to enable it for a moment and then have to remember to disable it again after you are done. You can simply tell it to be temporally allowed.

You wouldn’t believe how many sites are tracking you! Many websites use Google Analytics (even on secure password-protected webpages). With NoScript you can see it and block it. You really go into a website from a secure perspective and THEN allow what you need, much like a whitelist whereas things like AdBlock just work based on a blacklist philosophy.

Unfortunately NoScript is not currently available for Google Chrome. And as far as I’m aware there are no plans to port it to Chrome.


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