Password Security

Password Security

Hello Everyone,


Being that this is Cyber security mouth and I’ve recently been ramping up my cyber security measures to even higher levels. This week I’d like to talk about my favorite password manager: KeePass. The main thing that I like most about Keepass is that it does not use any of that cloud storage nonsense when it comes to storing your passwords. Yes I know that this means that you need to find a way to store and transfer your password database yourself. But I have my own ways of doing that and honestly I feel a lot safer with that then I do with having it on Dropbox, Google Drive, or god-forbid Lastpass (here’s the news article the latest LastPass data breach).

Just today I was working on increasing my default password strength from something like 12 characters in size to 42 (you know your a nerd when you pick 42 as then length of your password. Anyone else know that that’s the default password lifetime in a Windows AD domain?). 42 characters, yes it’s massively, massively overkill, but I love it. I love the surprise on people’s faces when they see all of those dots when KeePass automatically types in the password for me. I love the thought that my passwords would take from now until what I can only assume will be the end of man kind to crack.


Therefore I STRONGLY recommend that if you aren’t using a password manager. Get one now! You won’t regret it and honestly I can say that it’s changed my life for the better. I would guide people away from using LastPass if they can at all avoid it though. And would strongly urge people to use KeePass if that is a feasible option for you. If it’s not, you can use one of the countless other cloud-based products like RoboForm.


Live long, prosper, and be safe out there on the internet,

– Aetacraft Admin

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