Why YOU Should Join CCDC

Why YOU Should Join CCDC

Hello everyone! Today I’d love to tell you about my grand, life changing experience participating with my school’s CCDC competition. It is one of greatest decisions I have ever made and my only regret is not joining earlier. I know that may sound cheesy or exaggerated, but it’s not, that’s genuinely, 100% how I feel about CCDC.

CCDC is a cybersecurity competition where schools compete against each other against a group of professional “Red team” hackers. It is your goal as a member of the defending team (known as the “Blue team”) to keep your services (such as your web server, email server, etc.) running and secure. All while responding promptly and professionally to the “inject” requests from the “White team” (who represent the non-technical people in management and business administration positions of an organization).

This may sound difficult but don’t fret! If the red team does hack in. That does not mean that you are in trouble. That just means that you get to play a digital forensics investigator, discovering the ins and outs of the attack, how they did it, and what you can do to prevent things like this from happening in the future. You get SO much real life experience in SUCH a fun and rewarding game. I wish I could play it more often.

Sometimes it’s enduring, sometimes it’s stressful, sometimes you are not quite sure what you should be doing. But you will ALWAYS be happy that you joined and by the end of it you will be sad that it’s over.

Now you may be thinking “Am I really be a smart enough to join the CCDC?” The answer is “Yes, you are”. Regardless of your technical skill level. Whether you are a computer beginner, or a very skilled “power-user” who compiled their own Linux kernel. You would make a GREAT team member.

Every team needs a report writer (someone to talk to the white team and submitting and formatting inject documentation). The report writer is one of the most valuable positions in the team. And it requires very little technical skills.

If you are a quiet and shy type with not a lot of soft and social skills and a lot of technical skills. CCDC can help you expand in both areas! I know from experience that being a team member will help you become more outgoing and confident then you ever thought possible. You will be surprised and proud of what you will become (I am very much speaking from experience here). Everyone is welcome! In fact, we hope you join! You will always wonder what you missed out on if you don’t. If you aren’t good at something now, you will be far better then you ever thought possible by the time the competition is over.

Even after the competition, the benefits of doing CCDC team member don’t end. You will have developed a great network with other team members. Which will help you build relationships, make friends, and network with other great people in your field (which will help advance your career). You will have gained A LOT of valuable experience (both inside and outside of computer technology). You will get to travel to some really interesting cities for FREE. (because your school would be crazy not to cover your travel expenses when you are competing and representing the school). You are almost GUARANTEED to get a well-paying and rewarding job because you joined CCDC.

Join us! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain. And you will never regret your decision to join. All it takes is a simple Google search of you school and CCDC in order to get more information.

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