Ethical Hacking and the US Power Grid

Ethical Hacking and the US Power Grid

This morning I did what many early-20-year-old-men do: I watched YouTube videos on my phone before getting out of bed this morning. However, unlike many early-20-year-old-men I watch a lot of educational programming as well (although I have been known to watch the occasional stupid video from time to time).

This morning I noticed a video that caught my eye: Watch hackers break into the US power grid at first I was skeptical, I figured that it couldn’t possibly be real, after all why would you record yourself doing this? Why would you incriminate yourself? Nevertheless curiosity got the better of me and I opened the video (figuring that I could just click out of it if I didn’t like it).

As soon as the video started I was hooked to it. My eyes glued to the screen (let’s face it: I was like a lot of people my age). To my surprise, the video wasn’t about some black-hat hacker (or someone pretending to be). It was about a professional group of white hat hackers, hired by the energy company to investigate the vulnerabilities in the power grid. I found it fascinating all of the different tactics that they used to find and break into the power grid.

You can watch the entire video below. Or by clicking the link in the video title above.


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