Blockchain in the Election System

Blockchain in the Election System

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With election day finally here many people are heading out to go vote (and if you haven’t voted yet I encourage you to do so). Many people are concerned about election interference and weather or not you consider this to be a real threat (I’m not going to take sides). There have been a few proposals on what to do about this. But one of the most publicized ideas is to use Blockchain.

You may remember hearing about blockchain in one of the many searches you have done when learning about Bitcoins. But the idea of blockchain is to maintain an updated record on all of the machines in a group. That way an adversary cannot compromise a single system and change the data on that one system and skewing the results.

Again, I’m not taking sides here. Weather or not these systems have been hacked before is beside the point. Everyone can agree that we want our election system to be secure no matter what political beliefs they have. We all want our vote to count! However, I am going to say that in my opinion, their are certain things that should not be computerized, and voting should be one of them. I am not the only one to think like this, CNET has taken the same view in this article. Let’s face it, no matter what you do in computer security, there is ALWAYS a way for someone to break in. It’s just a matter if, how, and when.

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