Increased Demand for Biometrics

Increased Demand for Biometrics

Hello again my kind readers!

I’ve recently found out that Biometrics are rapidly becoming the world’s favorite method of authentication in a digital world. I for one am not for this form of authentication as I’ve made clear once before. While Biometric technology may technically be more secure and easier and in some cases (such as logging onto a public computer – especially from the Windows lock screen). I do have a couple of problems with it (primarily regrading security and privacy). You see, I am one of those people who put tape over their webcam, daily drives Linux, encrypts every device I own, and avoid using public WiFi whenever possible. While always learning more and more about cybersecurity.

Some of you may think I’m paranoid, I like to think of it as being security-cautious (at least to some degree). Personally, I much prefer the idea of having my accounts secured using a password. As long as I’m using a password manager. And I can 64+ character-long passwords with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, (and sometimes high ASCI characters). I don’t know about you, but I FAR prefer the anonymity of using a password, all while being able to change it at will (unlike biometrics).

Now I could see a case where biometrics might be a good way to do 2FA. In addition to having a secure, randomly-generated password. However, I would much rather use a Yubikey or an OTP authentication app. I know these aren’t fool proof. I still maintain that at some point, someone will find a way to break into it. And in the case of biometrics, I would rather not have a password I cannot change get compromised.

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