Vanilla Minecraft

Aetacraft Started in 2012 (Minecraft version 1.4.7) and has been around ever since. With newer versions being released there has never been a better time to join!

Just type into Minecraft to join!

Modded Minecraft

Minecraft is fun, but with several thousdands mods to choose from each with their own items, monsters, and possibilities there's nothing you can't do! All you need is some free time and some friends.

Type into your favorite Minecraft modpack and join us!

Aetacraft Chat

Want to talk to people but don't want the hassle of typing your questions into a text box while being attacked by monsters before waiting for a response? Aetacraft Chat is for you! You can brainstorm ideas on what spaceship to build next, ask where you can find diamonds, or what the weather is like in Seattle. Whether you have a question or want to talk with several people Aetacraft Chat is the place to be!

Click here to join!

Aetacraft Game of the Month

There is always an exciting new game that we have just discovered.

For details check out Aetacraft Chat!

Live Aetacraft Information